We are the UK’s Missional College

The church in most parts of the world is experiencing amazing growth across a wide range of cultures, language groups, ages and social classes. That is not true of the west in general and of Europe in particular. Over the last 50 years Europe has dramatically abandoned the Christian story which formed and founded European culture. The church in Europe is struggling to come to terms with this new situation. For the first time in many years Europe is a mission field! That new reality requires a new imagination about church and mission, new kinds of leaders with a different understanding of what it means to lead, and so new forms of training.

The big question is ‘How can we equip God’s people to join in God’s mission to bring the Christian faith back to the centre of western society?’ We need missional leaders who can be shaped to equip the church so that we all can join in discerning God’s mission effectively. That is what our courses are all about – equipping the church for mission by training current and potential leaders to serve God’s mission in our contemporary Western society.

We aim to:
  1. Equip missional ministers and leaders to engage in God’s mission to transform the world, through the sharing of the gospel.
  2. Equip Christian communities to become more missional.
  3. Join in Jesus Prayer ‘Your kingdom come and your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.’ The fulfilment of this prayer is the mission of God and his people.

If it is your desire to take on this challenge then our courses are for you!

“Utterly transforming. This course has been the most spiritual thing I’ve done all year. Don’t miss the opportunity to come…”

Revd Chris Bull, Vicar

“A course designed to equip leaders for the 21st century…”

Johnson Afrane­Twum, Revd Minister
Our top values:

We are:

    ‘Missional and relational’
    ‘Inclusive and flexible’
    ‘Practical and local’
How do we do this?
  1. Teaching through the lens of mission. We see all our subjects in the context of mission. For example, the New Testament we see as a mission document. Church history is the story of the engagement of the church in mission. The development of doctrine is the story of a church trying to explain its teaching to its members and to others.
  2. Balancing the transmission of ideas and information with an emphasis on skills and personal formation.
  3. Engaging in practical ministry as part of the learning process.
  4. Using teachers with practical experience of ministry, especially in the area of church planting.

At Springdale College we seek to promote a learning culture which is ecumenical and evangelical, local and international, practical and reflective, and which combines intellectual rigour and spiritual depth.

“This course has helped me in my passion for church planting and evangelism, and prepared me to train other potential church leaders for the churches we are planting.”

Hirpo Kumbi, Church Planter

“Practical, hands on training. Excellent!”

Rob Nock, Pastor

Missional Graphic

“Being involved in God’s Mission to reach the world where you are.” The word “missional” was invented to describe the new situation of the church in the west. Missional is not just another model of church. It describes a deeper orientation of a congregation towards its context. The west has become a mission field and that requires a new imagination about church, leadership, community and neighbourhood.