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Do you want to learn more about mission without doing assignments?

The Springdale Certificate in Missional Leadership allows you to engage in the same course content as the MA in Missional Leadership, but without doing the essays. It will help you to understand more about leadership, mission and how to help your church or organisation to engage with your community.

What are the advantages of the SCert instead of the MA?

  • You get the same content as the MA, including comprehensive notes on all 24 units and the same amount of class time.
  • However, the SCert only takes two years instead of the three years it takes to complete the MA.
  • You don’t have to complete the assessments of the MA, nor meet any of the MA guidelines, it is purely about personal and spriritual development to make you a better leader.
  • The SCert costs approximately half of what the MA costs.

All this means that you can cover the same material as the MA but with a lot less pressure.

What are the disadvantages of the SCert instead of the MA?

  • You will receive a Certificate at the end of the course, however it is not a qualification and it is not accredited by York Saint John University unlike the MA.
  • Although the learning experience is similar, it is not the same as the MA. The essays allow you go deeper into a subject which further shapes and informs your ministry.
  • Without any ongoing deadlines, the SCert requires you be a self-starter, especially if you have many other ministry pressures.

We would always encourage you to undertake the full MA programme where possible as we feel it provides a much better, more rounded learning experience than the SCert. However, we realise that the MA is not for everyone so we offer the SCert to make the important teaching of the MA more accessible.

You can come along to a free taster day to see what it is like before making any commitment to the course