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Student Testimonials

“I can honestly say that this MA has changed my life……. the content has both challenged and revolutionised my thinking and understanding of what God is really requiring from those He is raising up as Leaders and what He is building in and through His church today.

As a family our whole focus has shifted from growing ‘the church within four walls’ to growing ‘the kingdom through community’. The understanding that God is already working in people’s lives and my responsibility is to find out what He is doing and join Him, has opened up so many opportunities and given me a freedom I had not previously known.”.

Sarah Stockinger, Operations Director for the Filling Station

Sarah Stockinger

“I was persuaded to do the MA by a friend; it was 20 years since I had done any serious theology. It took a while to get used to the rigours of the course, but I now find that it has stimulated my thinking and helped me reassess my approach to church & mission. I’ve met some great people and thoroughly recommend the course to anyone who would value the space to update themselves on what God is saying to them about engaging with today’s world.”.

Clive Orchard, Self-employed decorator, helping with Simply, an embryonic simple church network in the SW and supporting Pioneer Connexion, the Methodist Church/Pioneer Network partnership

Clive Orchard

“I am middle aged without a first degree, but as mission and leadership are my two primary passions I was drawn to attempt the MA.

The lack of other students nearby can be a drawback in distance learning; however, the Regional and Summer School framework offers both teaching and the opportunity for good, supportive relationships to be built with tutors and fellow students.

I loved the breadth and variety of the curriculum and particularly enjoyed researching and writing my dissertation. In summary, I found it very hard but very rewarding and it has had a significant, positive impact on my understanding and practice of mission and of church. Having since emigrated to New Zealand, I know God is planning a new ministry for me which is only possible as a result of the MA.”

Lyn Chaston

Lyn Chaston

“I’ve been studying with Springdale College for two and a half years. I’ve learned new academic skills and applied what I’ve learned directly to my ministry work. The coursework and essays have challenged me intellectually, but I appreciate the fact that the program is accessible and practical. I never felt as if I was studying for the sake of it, but always learning for a reason.

I always felt free to consider what I was being taught in the light of my own understanding of Scripture, convictions and experience. I feel equipped and empowered and my faith has grown and hopefully matured too. I know that I’ll continue to apply what I’ve learned in my ministry work and my own life and relationships for years to come.

Both my tutors have been incredible: available, patient and willing to chat about any aspect of the program. The Regional Study Network days were some of my favourite days every term and I miss the gathering of friends and exchange of ideas. The annual Summer Schools, meanwhile, provided an intense period of learning and inspiration that was intellectually stimulating but spiritually refreshing. All in all my time with Springdale College has been outstandingly positive and I’d do it again any day.”

Judith Allen, Administrator/Coordinator of Exeter Street Pastors

Lyn Chaston

“The MA in Missional Leadership offers a broad and solid theological foundation for missional Practitioners. Though it follows a high academic standard it always points back to the personal context and the practical implications of the learning experience. It helped me to discover lapses from the past, blind spots from today and strategies for tomorrow. Even it was challenging to meet its demands in a busy everyday life sometimes, the course was more than worth every single night shift.”

Mark Reichmann, Germany, Churchplanter and missional Activist