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Student Testimonials

“…The course offered me so many different opportunities to learn and grow in my knowledge about theology academically, as well as personally and spiritually. In addition to that, the mixture of academic studies and placement gave me opportunity to apply my learning and it prepares you for your time after the degree, may it be in a full-time ministry position or any other job.

The focus on theology and mission showed me what God’s mission is all about and how I can partner in with His mission in everyday life. It made me being more passionate about seeing people come to know God and seeing God come and meet with people…”

Judith Hoffman, Bath Campus

Judith Hoffman

“…in year one I was a rugby player studying a bit of theology that later transformed into a theology student playing a bit of rugby.

Year two started to paint a different picture, God changed my heart over the summer and the year became more about my heart for mission and children’s work than it did about rugby! Things I was learning changed and transformed my thinking and my ministry….I hated the church planting module and at the end realised in effect I had been doing church planting all along! I was petrified of studying pneumatology (a word I couldn’t even say) yet it strengthened everything I did!

That God fella … he tricked me! I always said I would never go to Bible college! But, Year 3 came round very fast and what a roller coaster! I couldn’t wait to get stuck in – this is it! Everything is possible and yes the mountain seems steep but we have a God climbing it with us! Now is the time to be open and allow Him to steer our route. Springdale has opened my eyes to the true meaning of mission, be distinct not different!”

Laura Knott, Birmingham Campus

Laura Knott

“I transferred to Springdale College upon recommendation that the course was better suited for my current and future ministry; so I moved with slight uncertainty to begin my 2nd Year. From my very first introduction to the college, the atmosphere, core values and vision of mission- to list a few, were and are the pivotal things that markedly distinguish the college and continue to stimulate me to study here

Having a choice of campuses is of great convenience, since I have had to study close to home. With a suitable placement for almost two years, I have thoroughly enjoyed the spiritual, academic and social aspect of the degree.”

Julie Hlawndo, Birmingham Campus

Laura Knott