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The structure of the Learning Content

In order to create a new mindset for mission, the course uses a creative interplay between learning resources, student learning groups, assignments, placement tasks and supervision.

Learning Resources

All the materials you will need for class time at your Regional Campus will be made available to you online through our Virtual Learning Environment.

Student Facilitation

You will usually meet two days a week. One day is for class time, where you will study the learning resources. The other is for cluster time, where you will discuss your placement with other students.


As well as the traditional essay there is a range of assessment on the course, including presentations, sermons, research projects and placement tasks.

“The materials are really thorough and helpful – a life-long resource.”


“Working with other students in a group has helped me to explore the learning packs in ways that would not have happened on my own. The other students are a great resource.”

Student testimonies
Course content

Course content is built around four streams – Biblical Studies, Theology, Mission, and a choice of three electives (Missional Ministry, Youth Ministry, Children’s Ministry).

The majority of students will start on the Missional Ministry elective route – which allows a choice of topics from the 2nd year. At some campuses it is possible to specialise in Youth or Children’s Ministry from the beginning of the course.

For more detailed information on the Year 1 modules, click to download our module descriptors pack.