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Admissions Process

We aim to make the Admission’s process as simple as possible, but it is still a process and there a number of things we need from you in order to complete your application and offer you a place. We have tried to make all the information you need for this process available through this website, but if you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask us as we will be happy to help.

While the Admissions process varies from person to person depending upon their situation, it will work something like this:

  1. You download the application form and accompanying notes.
  2. You complete the application and email it back to us.
  3. We contact you to let you know what supporting documents we need from you.
  4. You return the supporting documents.
  5. We review your application at our internal Admissions Board and hopefully decide to offer you a place.
  6. We send you an offer letter and an Acceptance form which needs to be completed and returned.
  7. You return the offer letter – once we have received this you are officially a student.

For more information about Admissions, including a list of supporting documents and Frequently Asked Questions, please go to our Admissions area. Alternatively you can download an application form from here by clicking apply now.